Sports outdoor ground plan

Outdoor plate

The outdoor use plate developed by Qiansen solves the fundamental problem that the long-term exposure of the floor to the outdoor life is difficult to last; after using the special process to treat the floor multiple times, Qiansen's outdoor floor can be used for up to 20 years, currently removing the outdoor Outside the sports venue, Qiansen's outdoor technology is also used in various outdoor construction fields.

rubber track 

Qiansen adopts the innovative product “Silicon PU” new elastic stadium material. Its excellent structural characteristics and breakthrough construction features surpass the traditional materials. It has more than 2 million square meters of construction area in the country and has won unanimous praise from customers. Healthy professional elastic stadium material.

artificial turf

The artificial grass adopts professional sports lawn with super wear resistance, anti-aging, high elasticity and no fading characteristics. The lawn has strong impact absorption ability, can protect athletes, reduce sports fatigue, material is not easy to be deformed, and has good slip performance. Full play of sports performance.