Qiansen Trophy "Aohan 100" Ultra Trail Running event

Event day: 15th and 16th June, 2019

Registration is now open, considering about the international travel cost, racers from abroad are free to enter

Enquiry email: ultratrail@qiansen.com

Enquiry phone number: +8601067171263

Facebook: Search for Yanxing Song

In the end of 2018, Qiansen made its progress by steping on trail running discipline. Thanks for the Aohan Culture & Sports Bureau, Qiansen would expose joint effort on the local sports development. There are 3 categories in the race, 100km, 50km and 25km. Total ascent is 3080m, food, drink, sanitary, first aid, tents are available at check points. 

Race Information 

Most part of the race course is comprised of mountain road, countryside path and unsurfaced road. Food is available in each CP, and hot food is provided from CP3 to CP10. The temparature in June in Aohan is 8° to 27° in centigrade, hot at daytime while cold in the evening. Rain is possible in this month so rain-proof is necessary. 

ITRA's latest definition of trail running is a walking class that is open to everyone, in the natural environment, on as few paving/asphalt roads as possible (not exceeding 20% of the total line).

In the era of explosive development of running sports, unlike marathon and other road runs, trail running is usually held in a beautiful natural environment with good ecological environment, which combines sports and nature. During the race, it passes through mountains, deserts and forests. In the plains, the runners are close to nature in running, synchronized with nature, away from the hustle and bustle, feel the fusion with nature, return to the true, enjoy the fun of exploring the unknown and challenging themselves. Cross-country running gathers a variety of outdoor popular elements such as mountain climbing and running, meets the needs of the diverse sports consumption of the masses, and has the basic characteristics of the masses participating in sports. It is precisely because of these charms that a large number of professional runners and enthusiasts at home and abroad will enter the cross-country running project in recent years, and experience the different race experience from the marathon and the road, thus making the cross-country running a positive trend in the running competition. A fierce emerging force.

Cross-country running events need to cultivate their own cultural concepts, combine with the cultural characteristics of the venues of the event, integrate local cultural symbols, avoid homogenization, enhance competitiveness, and create a boutique event with distinctive, high-end and professional. Xiajiadian culture is the representative of the early bronze culture in Inner Mongolia; Hongshan culture started from 5 or 6 years ago and is one of the earliest cultural traces of Huaxia civilization; Liao Dynasty culture has Han culture as the core and Qidan grassland animal husbandry Cultural characteristics and characteristics of the times. In 2019, Qiansen cooperated with UTMB (Circle Mont Blanc Endurance Race) and ITRA (International Cross Country Association) to connect the three historical and cultural sites in Aohan Banner and landed the 2019 Chinese Shuhan "12 Liancheng City". "Super cross-country races, which drive the local economic and social development, together with road cross-country and BMX racing, help Aohan Banner to create a city card for "Sports City".