1. Sports ground plan

The structure design of Qiansen products is scientific and reasonable. It is designed from three aspects of protection function, motion function and technical function to develop indoor and outdoor products for multi-purpose sports. Provide professional competition level, training level portable demolition and fixed suspension sports flooring for customers with different usage needs.

Sports wooden flooring is an important part of the stadium facilities, and it is a professional functional wooden floor that is different from ordinary wooden flooring. The technical indicators of Qiansen sports flooring products have reached and exceeded the German industrial standard DIN18032.2 sports floor standard, FIBA sports floor standard of international basketball federation, national standard GB/T20239-2015 "sports pipe wooden floor". Qiansen has never provided users with quality products and services.

Three major functions of sports flooring

Sports flooring is different from traditional civil flooring. Sports flooring must have professional functions, namely protection, sports and technical functions. Therefore, there are special requirements in the selection of materials and process characteristics. The structural design of sports flooring requires scientific and reasonable, to meet the needs of human physiological movements. Through the analysis of the physical properties of the facing wood, the materials with the best elasticity and hardness for physical activity are selected; the choice of anti-slip and wear resistance of the paint is selected. To meet the requirements of the friction coefficient of sports flooring. Therefore, sports wood flooring from the selection of materials to design, from processing to installation, requires professional and scientific analysis to achieve the three functions of sports flooring.

Qiansen brand is the first official technical partner of sports wood flooring certified by FIBA in Asia. The structure of Qiansen's independent intellectual property sports flooring has been internationally recognized, which can meet the protection of athletes and reduce sports injuries. On the basis of this, it can meet the hard demand of the sports project for the wooden floor. Qiansen and international and domestic scientific research institutions have always developed and tested new ground products for various emerging sports projects.

Qiansen sports wooden floor structure (including fixed sports flooring, disassembled sports flooring and newly developed outdoor flooring.)